Youthair Super Creme Hair Dressing

Youthair Super Creme Hair Dressing

Youthair Super Creme Hair Dressing

by Youthair

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    Buy Youthair Hair Styling Products - Youthair Super Youthair Creme Hair Dressing for Men and Women 10.0 oz. How-to-Use: Massage a little into hair and scalp daily until desired color is obtained. Then as often as needed to keep color. Exposure of hair to sunlight will increase the darkening effect. For best results do not use any other hair dressing. Shampoo at least 2-3 times weekly. Wash your hands after each application.

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    Works well, if you can get over smell, lead acetate..., April 3, 2010
    GlueFactoryBJJ "Lifetime Student" (Memphis, TN)
    I'm 46 and have a fair amount of gray hair (from about the middle of the side of my head, down, except in back). It doesn't really look that bad, but I'm going to be looking for a new job soon and I don't want to face the resistance (younger) employers have in hiring people with a lot of gray hair (i.e. age discrimination). So I have been trying different products to see if I can control the gray (but keep enough to show I'm "wise" :D).

    I keep my hair very short, so coloring it won't work. I tried Grecian Formula and I just couldn't get past the smell and the idea of putting lead acetate on my scalp.

    However, I found that Youthair has a lead acetate free version of this type of product. I don't know if it is slower than plain Youthair, but I can say that after 6 months of use the gray is down to a level I can tolerate (just a bit of "salt and pepper" on the temples). The only problem is that while you will see some results after 2-3 weeks, it really takes a.

    Super Youthair Creame, March 24, 2011
    I have used this product for almost 2 weeks and I have seen some very good results. It is recommended to only use this product and do not mix in other gels or products. Becuase of this restriction you may not have the control of your hair such as a strong gel but it is worth the sacrifice.

    I will continue till I get the desired look and I will give an update in about 3 weeks if possible. I found this product to be better than Youthair. I used Youthair correctly but the product failed but super Youthair Creame seems to be stronger.

    Outstanding hair product!, May 1, 2008
    L. Frenz
    SUPER YOUTHAIR Cregrave;me Hair Dressing is the best product of its kind. I have used this product with excellent results. Sunlight exposure is a MUST, if you want excellent results in a short period of time.

    I have used other hair darkening products with fair results, but this product was a pleasant surprise. My natural hair WAS dark brown, so the coloration is perfect for me.SUPER YOUTHAIR Cregrave;me Hair Dressing for Men Women 10oz/295ml

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